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Rapid test for evaluating the immune status of the calf


  • Immunochromatographic test for the semi-quantitative detection of Immunoglobulins G (IgG) in whole blood of calves and cows

  • Sample: whole blood, plasma or serum from calves and cows

  • Result in 5 minutes

  • Storage: room temperature

  • For clinical suspicion of immunodeficiency syndrome


The appropriate time to perform the BOVI-G test is, for the calf, between

24h and 48h after birth (within a maximum interval of 7 days), and for the

cow, between the 3rd and 7th day after calving.
BOVI-G allows to exclude (IgG> 12 mg / ml) or to confirm (IgG <12 mg / ml)

the suspicion of a defect in the transfer of immunity or of an immunodeficiency syndrome in both calves and cows. This field test, by its simplicity and speed, is therefore a valuable tool for assessing the immune status around calving in order to avoid operating losses linked to any pathological complications specific to this period.

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