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Demonstration by culture on agar medium of pathogenic fungi of the genus Microsporum and Trichophyton responsible for dermatomycosis.

Dermatophytia (ringworms) are a major cause of skin infection in cats, dogs, rabbits and horses. They are caused by dermatophytes, microscopic filamentous fungi belonging to the genera Microsporum, Trychophyton and Epidermophyton. Very contagious, they are transmitted either directly from one animal to another, or indirectly (grooming equipment, sleeping place, spores in the ground, etc.).

Contamination by the fungus is not systematically followed by the development of lesions: some animals can be healthy carriers and are therefore likely to disseminate or transmit the fungus. There is also a risk of contagion from animals to humans (zoonosis). Culture is the most reliable method of detecting dermatophytes. dermatophytes, fungi.


Benefits :

◘ Long shelf life

◘ Reduced packaging (x3)

◘ Reference DTM medium

◘ Identification with photos (sheet)

◘ Quick results for the most pathogenic

◘ Cheaper on the market


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