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Blood Gas - Emergency Biochemistry - Electrolytes - Hematology

◘ Portable and compact device (21x9 cm, 725g)

◘ Use in clinic and in the field

◘ Parameters: pH, pCO2, pO2, Na +, K +, iCa, Glu, Lact, Hct, Hbg, HCO3, TCO2, BEb, BEecf, Sat O2, Creatinine, Chlorine, Urea (BUN), Anion gap

◘ Sample: 92 µl heparinized whole blood

◘ Analysis rendered in 3 minutes

◘ All the parameters on the reactive card (credit card format)

◘ Reactive barcode card (no risk of identification error)

◘ Calibration and control included in the card Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections (optional Bluetooth printer)

◘ No maintenance


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