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Each I-SMART 30VET cartridge contains 30, 50 or 100 tests for Na +, K + and Cl-.

The cartridge lasts 42 days after insertion into the device.

Replacing the cartridge is the one and only maintenance required. The cost of an ionogram is completely transparent:

◘ for 50 tests, divide the cost by 50

◘ for 30 tests, divide the cost by 30




  • Analysis time: 35 seconds

  • Sample volume: 60µl of whole blood, plasma or serum

  • Large color LCD touch screen

  • Intuitive menus and tutorials (no training required)

  • Operational 24 hours a day (no start-up time)

  • Preset and adjustable reference intervals for 6 species

  • Automated cleanings and calibrations (no maintenance)

  • 320,000 results in memory, accessible by quick search

  • Connections: USB and Serial (RS232)

  • Integrated battery (2 hours of autonomy in the event of a power cut)


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