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Advantages of the product:

• Leukocyte formula including eosinophils
• 21 parameters: dog, cat, cow, horse
• 13 parameters: rat, mouse, other animals
• 6 programmed species + 3 to choose from (user adjustment of thresholds, integrated automatic adjustment function)
• Results in less than 60 seconds
• Detailed results with normal values + 3 histograms
• Excellent reliability and reproducibility
• 6 dilution modes: Normal, High, Superior, Low, Pre-dilution
• Sample: venous blood (EDTA) - 30µl in normal and low mode - 10µl in high mode - 5µl in upper mode
• Re-measurement mode: sample can be re-measured with another dilution in the event of a result outside the range
• Easy to use: user-friendly interface, color LCD touch screen
• Unlimited storage of results (SD card)
• Integrated thermal printer
• Compact and robust: 23 x 45 x 42.8 cm / 20kg
• Connectivity: RS232, USB, Printer, Barcode reader
• Numerous 100% automated maintenance operations:
- Automatic sampling
- Automatic self-checks
- Automatic unblocking after each measurement
- Automatic nozzle cleaning after each measurement
- Automatic priming and cleaning at each start
- Complete cleaning of the circuit each time the power is turned off


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