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MVS Artel

Complete, simple and universal system for the volumetric control of laboratory automatons or multichannel pipettes

The MVS is a complete system providing, in a few minutes, the precision and accuracy of the volumes dispensed by your automatic device (sample preparers-dilutors, complete automatic microplates, robots, etc.) independently on each channel.
Using ARTEL's patented ratio-spectrophotometry technology, the MVS can verify any pipetting system with 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, 96 or 384 channels for volumes from 0.01 to 350μl.

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  • Calibration plate:

The use of a calibration plate makes it possible to take into account any measurement deviations attributable to the reader by comparing the absorbance results obtained with the reader with those obtained with a reference instrument. This measurement prior to each verification guarantees a total reliability of the results whatever the place, date or instrument verified.

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  • Characterized microplates:

The reagents are distributed in microplates specific to the MVS, the dimensions of which are characterized by laser measurements in production. The exact dimensions of the wells are stored and allow the total uncertainty of the system to be minimized.

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  • Analysis:

Insert the filled microplate into the MVS reader. The MVS software analyzes the ratio of the optical densities measured in order to calculate channel by channel the volumetric performance of your PLC.

  • Editing results:

The MVS software instantly publishes a complete report with the precision and accuracy of each channel of your instrument as well as well-by-well alarms for volumes outside the tolerances that you will have predefined. The data is thus easily exploitable by other programs or consultable on the intranet.

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  • Environment:

The ARTEL MVS is portable, therefore mobile, and controlling several devices installed in different sites is no longer a problem!
The MVS system includes:
• Calibration plate
• Microplate shaker
• Barcode reader
• Laptop PC and software
• Mobile station

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