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Automatic pipettes


Recommended for use with our liquid biochemistry systems or for any other use requiring reliable precision in the laboratory, our automatic pipettes are available in both fixed volume (range from 5 to 500µl) and variable volume at particularly competitive conditions. . Whatever the target volume to collect and distribute, we are able to provide you with the tips corresponding to the pipettes we sell, and with an unbeatable quality / price ratio.




  • A5PIMINIPET10: Mini pipette fixed volume 10µl

  • B1PIABS119HP: Fixed volume pipette 5µl

  • B1PIABS120HP: Fixed volume pipette 10µl

  • B1PIABS122HP: Fixed volume pipette 50µl

  • B1PIABS1241HP: Fixed volume pipette 500µl

  • A5PIVAP200: Digital variable volume pipette 5-50µl

  • A5PIVAP500: Digital variable volume pipette 10-100µl

  • A5PIVAP800: Digital variable volume pipette 20-200µl

  • A5PIVAP600: Digital variable volume pipette 100-1000µl


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