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Recent European regulatory standards (CE n ° 2073/2005) recommend regular sampling of carcasses of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses using a sponge. Many models of sponges are made from materials containing antimicrobial substances that can interfere with the recovery of pathogens or indicator organisms, and give a false indication of the level of contamination.
Polywipes ™ pre-moistened with peptone saline solution have been specially designed to meet new regulatory requirements for the sampling of red meat carcasses. The sponges are made from specially treated cellulose to ensure that they do not contain any inhibitor, thus ensuring an accurate analysis of the contamination present.
Polywipes ™ have been used successfully for many years in the food and pharmaceutical industries for environmental monitoring of food contact surfaces and sterile areas. Now, Polywipes ™ with peptone saline solution bring this expertise to the field of meat hygiene.

Benefits :

• Sterile sponge pre-moistened with peptone saline solution for samples from carcasses (ISO17604 and ISO 6887)
• Complies with EU carcass sampling requirements (CE n ° 2073/2005)
• Non-inhibiting spongy materials
• Ensures optimal recovery of indicator bacteria including Salmonella
• Individually wrapped for ease of use
• Blue color for better visibility
• Compatible with all hygiene control procedures
• Dimensions: 5cm x 10cm
• Sterile resealable bag with writing areas for transport



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