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The Salmonella Test is a quick and easy way to detect Salmonella Spp. in the environment. Based on traditional microbiological tests, the Salmonella Test uses a modified XLT4 medium (xylose-lysine-tergitol 4) allowing the selective isolation of Salmonella Spp. The Salmonella Test makes it possible to differentiate between Salmonella Spp. many other germs found (such as Enterobacteriaceae) in certain environments.


Benefits :

  • A simple method to detect these organisms by a black pigmentation on red color in the presence of these germs

  • Very good sensitivity: a study has shown that Salmonella Isolation Transwab® is capable of detecting contamination of 10 CFU / ml after incubation for 18-24H at 37 ° C

  • Swab sampling = better germ recovery and access to hard-to-clean areas

  • No additional hardware required

  • Storage at room temperature

  • Longer shelf life than a contact box



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