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SteriswabsTM swabs have been specially developed for microbiologists in the pharmaceutical, industrial and food sectors as a tool for effective control of sterility and the level of contamination of clean areas or sterile work areas.

SteriswabsTM swabs are pre-moistened with sterile diluent to eliminate any risk of contamination.
They are supplied in individual, sterile tubes labeled for sending the sample to the laboratory, and are equipped with a break point to keep only the tip of the swab to be analyzed.
Sterilized by irradiation and benefiting from a triple packaging, the SteriswabTM swabs ensure that the viable microorganisms collected come from the area tested and not from the swab.
The methods used during their production guarantee a minimum level of bio-contamination, that is to say practically free of non-viable organisms: they are therefore particularly recommended for the recovery of the most delicate microorganisms.

Benefits :

  • Efficient sampling for all surfaces

  • Ready to use

  • Optimum recovery rate of delicate microorganisms

  • Complies with HACCP protocols

  • Economical in terms of time and money



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